Eclectically Erratic
performs many different styles of music, hence the name of the band. Musical genres include rock and roll, blues, folk, jazz and country. This band is a marvel in its willingness to take risks to make the music diverse and a treat for anyone's listening pleasure. The eclectic sound surpasses any you have heard.

Founded by Chip Woody
Chip's unique writing ability and arrangement talents exceed description. Eclectically Erratic's musicianship is astounding. Providing resounding, refreshing and unique sounds that are an indescribable change for all music lovers. Slapping the ears of their listeners with different melodies and lyrics, keeping them on their musical toes. There is something for everyone to enjoy in these original tunes.

Chip Woody (founder)
Chip was offered a recording contract at the age of 17 by DOT Records. His parents were against this and, since the contract required their signature, they would not sign for him. They were afraid he would devote his life entirely to playing music and would have no aspirations to do anything else. He has written and played sessions for Bill Walker (arranger and band leader of the late and great Johnny Cash), Wayne Carson (co-writer of Always on My Mind, which was recorded by Elvis and Willie Nelson), and The Letter (recorded by The Box Tops and Joe Cocker). He also sang backup for Harry Chapin. He has played on many sessions in Nashville, TN. He owns a studio located in Nashville, TN, in which he has recorded such greats as Johnny Hiland, Ray Flacke and many others. His musical talent as an arranger as well as producer can be heard in his recordings.

David Rounion
David has been in and around the music scene for over 30 years. Jazz, Fusion, Blues and Dixieland was his major influence. He has been fortunate to perform with some very talented musicians in Virginia and Nashville. His experiences range from playing upright bass with an Old English Quartet, trombone in a Jazz Fusion Band named Secrets and the Wooten brothers, Saxophone at the Chicago Blues Festival to playing Dixieland in the streets and clubs in New Orleans. He currently resides in North Nashville.

Joey Cochran
Joey has been performing in and around Nashville, TN, since 1986. Performances include orchestral, symphonic, concert and ensemble, community bands, praise bands, Christian acts, local rhythm and blues, jazz, fusion, rock, country and recordings. He has performed both cover tunes and originals. He has toured with The Continental Singers (Fall '91). Joey is a devoted husband and father of two. He is currently a software developer. His passion for performing live music is a must see. He has been with Erratic since 2006.